More About Our Parish

We have strengths and weaknesses.

For some a small church isn't attractive and for others it is. For some a small building doesn't give the freedom to remain behind the scene and for others it doesn't matter. We're not for everyone, but we might be for you.

We hope to be very strong in education for all ages. We've recently added a nursery for infants and babies. Our worship music comes from a machine that sounds great and has music from several well known hymnals. We want to add live music.

Our bible studies are very good.

Our care for people is genuine and thoughtful.

We pray often and seek healing for the sick.

We have communion weekly.

Our worship service format is founded on what the earliest of Christians did at worship and follows a biblical pattern.

We have strengths and weaknesses and we're not for everyone but we might be just right for you.

Come and see.