The Mission of our Church is to Spread the Gospel both near and far.

"The gospel is not something partial or piecemeal: it takes in the whole life, the whole of history, the whole world. It tells us about creation and the final judgment and everything in between . . . the whole of man's life and covers every eventuality in his/her experience. There is no aspect of life but that the gospel has something to say about it. The whole of life must come under its influence because it is all inclusive; the gospel is meant to control and govern everything in our lives"

D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, "Spiritual Depression: Its causes and cures"

Catechism of the Church

"The Gospel: God created the world and made us to be in loving relationship with him. Thought created good, human nature became fatally flawed, and we are now out of step with God. In bible language, we are sinners, guilty before God and separated from him.

The "good news" of the Gospel is that God took loving action in Jesus Christ to save us from this dire situation. The key facts of this divine remedy are these:

God the Father sent his eternal Son into the world to reconcile us to himself, to free us to love and serve him, and to prepare us to share his glory in the life to come. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary through the Holy Spirit, lived a perfect life, died for our sins, and rose bodily from the dead to restore us to God. Given authority by His father, Jesus now rules in heaven as King over all things, advancing God's kingdom throughout the world. In the fullness of time, Jesus will return to establish his kingdom in its glory on earth, and all things will be renewed.

Reigning in heaven over all things, Jesus Christ continues to draw sinners to himself. He enables us by the Holy Spirit to turn wholeheartedly from our sinful and self-centered ways (repentance) and to entrust ourselves to him to live in union and communion (faith). In spiritual terms, sin is the way of death, and fellowship with Christ is the way to life." p.20, "To Be A Christian"

Make a Commitment in Faith

"A clear way to make this commitment of faith and repentance is to offer to God a prayer in which you:

confess your sins to God, being as specific as possible, and repent by turning from them;

thank God for his mercy and forgiveness given to you in Jesus Christ;

promise to follow and obey Jesus as your Lord;

ask the Holy Spirit to help you to be faithful to Jesus as you grown into spiritual maturity." P.21, "To Be A Christian"


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God has led us to this mission. We believe it's His hearts desire that we faithfully spread the gospel both near and far. With His help and direction we pray to be faithful in all he sets before us. We look forward to the task he gives us and hope to share as many resources as we can that help you share the gospel as well.

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