Our Parish

3 reasons you will want to become a member of St Stephen’s Anglican Church.

First reason: God will bless you with the opportunity to grow in faith 3 ways:

(1st way) you will learn about the fundamentals of Christianity and what makes it unique.

(2nd way) you’ll be encouraged to live out an ancient faith in a modern day.

(3rd way) you’ll have opportunities to study and apply the scripture to everyday life.

Second reason: God will bless you through becoming part of a community of Christians who have vowed to renounce the works of the devil, to trust God wholeheartedly and to serve him faithfully. A community where Jesus is Lord, worshipped and obeyed.

Third reason: God will bless you through daily prayer, weekly communion; daily confession of sins; service of justice, mercy and humbly walking with God; Baptism; giving alms to the work of the church and developing lifelong friends.

Come and see for yourself.


Nave Photo